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Mission vision Polymerization dreamer, partnership world record - breath cohesion temper line Tiens third venture fully sounded the horn

In 1995

Tiens as a pioneer in the Chinese direct selling business, under the leadership of Chairman Li Jinyuan, started the first venture of finding the stepping stones across the river Tiens used innovation and creativity to put together a network of shopping creating a new model “Network with Store, Store within Network” that led to the development and rapid growth of the Direct Selling industry

In 1997

Tiens started the second venture, a comprehensive beginning of international development In a very short period of time, Tiens reached regions and areas all over the world benefitting tens of millions of families through the work of the Tiens people with quality products The Tiens brand established its ground at home and abroad


23-year-old Tiens Group and its Brand embarks into a journey in the search of a new dream and glory with the vision of “Healthy individuals Serving the Global Communities” In order to achieve that dream, our work needs to be done as one, to integrate Tiens at the core of “One body with Multiple Wings, Consolidation of Three Networks and Integration of Multiple Industries”, and now we are blowing the sailing horn to begin Tiens Third Wave of Business Development

  • Why to put forward and firmly implement the third venture
  • how to understand the goals of Tiens´ third wave of growth and the strategy of entrepreneurship
  • Unified thinking, firm confidence is the foundation towards the success of our third wave of business development.
  • we must firmly grasp the third wave of the business development.
  • we need to firmly grasp Three major keys to the third international venture.
Why to put forward and firmly implement the third venture

24 years old is matured, Tiens no longer suffers from childhood issues, we can no longer be carefree and trust to grow through learning We cannot act as an ignorant teenager We have gone through a path of development that has sometimes been difficult, but has nevertheless cultivated and empowered us to be firm in facing the development, it has given Tiens the courage to go ahead, dream bigger and greater, be more intense in our desire to grow, accept the responsibility and demands of growth We are ready to carry more, invest more and then gain more
Looking at the world, the modern global business place has given us a multitude of new opportunities The world economic integration is a platform for Tiens international expansion We at Tiens would like to make a substantial contribution to the Chinese government strategy of “One Band One Road” and a means to create an acceleration force in pursuit of our goals and strive towards the “China Dream” We all, need to realize the dream with a multi-industry business embracing the search for higher wellbeing and improvement, such as the integration of off-line to on-line (O2O) , Great Health, Great Tourism and so on At the same time that we encounter brand new opportunities, we are, also facing many new challenges The rapid development of e-commerce weighs in heavily in the choice of marketing channels The increased purchasing power of the growing middle class is changing behaviors and the competition in the Direct Selling industry is heavier than ever contributing to the higher expectations towards products and services provided
Looking at Tiens, Tiens has many factors contributing to our competitiveness But with the competitive advantage of years of experience, in the modern business environment we also face challenges After years of service, the current organizational system is large, operating efficiency is reduced and lack of motivation and desire for driving results can be seen Some individuals lack the commitment to face the challenges and the willingness to change We hide behind bureaucracy, innovation is not encouraged and we need to change that We need to find the willingness and ability to grow
Tiens was born from high expectations and throughout the years it has faced a lot of challenges We must abandon the conservative thinking and behaviors We must go back to our roots to find the entrepreneurial spirit again So, in the third wave, we are not only seeking new ways of behaving, new ways of execution, but also a renewed spirit, new way of thinking and new attitudes!

how to understand the goals of Tiens´ third wave of growth and the strategy of entrepreneurship

From a strategic perspective, Tiens needs to follow the principle of “Adapting to the time, being the trendsetter and embracing cross-border integration” The strategic concept of “Healthy Individuals Serving Global Society” is to combine health and wellbeing for people with bearing the social responsibility on individual and corporate level calls for higher sense of mission and commitment to become a true global leader in providing overall balance in life for everyone We will strive towards the goal of helping tens of millions of people, creating a market value measured in trillions and shaping the ecological future of immeasurable value
Tiens development model, our goal is summarized in reshaping the consumer ecology and reinventing the customer value We want to create a new theory of income and wealth accumulation where the focus is on consolidation of three networks and interaction of seven industries creating a platform for total Tiens offering, with comprehensive integration of ecological development
In short, if the Chinese company Huawei is basing its success on a "silly " word, quoted from Mr Ren Zhengfei, meaning the goal is firm, dedicated to dedication, quiet dedication, hard work, then Tiens shall rely on "love " to lead the world, we trust Love is productivity

Unified thinking, firm confidence is the foundation towards the success of our third wave of business development.

Tiens third venture will be based in uniting our thinking, where firm confidence is the primary proposition of our future Chairman Li has repeatedly stated that this third venture of Tiens, it is his life, and it is bounded with the company and all the Tiens members Unless we are prepared to firmly go forward, committed to contribute to the overall success of the Tiens business, the only option is to leave the retreat It is essential, at all levels of seniority in the group, including the external partners, to form a total consensus in courageously fighting to be the leader in the industry Cohesion is the key to the success for the third global venture of Tiens
There are many reasons to Tiens withering the winds and waves of more than 22 years One of them is the confidence and determination that our people have shown during all these days They have faced challenges, they have been questioned, but they have stood unwavering, they have not retreated, but actively searched for ways to tackle whatever they were facing, and determinedly moved forward These individuals have proven that as long as the Tiens family firmly believes in the group, maintain the confidence on the Chairman and the on company, confidence in themselves, the right path will be chosen and we will be able to succeed, even when we encounter temporary difficulties, and come through them brilliantly shining
Proposing and implementing the third international venture is a major choice for the group It involved a thorough and deep research and scientific refinement of preparation, that included the deep involvement and integration of top consulting firms and third-party forces for It must be said that the third venture can only be successful It cannot fail as long as we firmly believe in the uniting our thinking!

we must firmly grasp the third wave of the business development.

People are at the foundation of all great successes, Tiens third venture is no exception The most important is to bring together and benefit from all the existing internal and external talents, while attracting more dreamers to our community The third international venture is not about shouting slogans, it is the real thing We need to change the thinking of many of us, and even change the pattern of preferences We will inevitable face difficult, painful times There will be a variety of voices and we must attempt to stay true to the original source, clearing the standards of employment
This third venture, Tiens is committed to bring together a large number of talented people with great dreams, passions, skills and competencies, with the cohesion of these talented dreamers partnered with Tiens, the world will belong to Tiens, and where we will share the consensus, responsibilities, SHARING is a core requirement for all in the Tiens family This article is not only referring to Tiens internal staff at all levels; it refers to the extended Tiens family of Distributors, other stakeholders and any other Tiens partners The third international venture is not only a time high expectations from the Tiens’ members, it is also the platform of opportunity to realize our dreams and desires
The basic expectation for our talent is for “Two to Equal Three”:
—The third international venture in the times of Tiens, it will only be accomplished with people possessing an entrepreneurial attitude People that dare to face the struggle, have the willingness to fight, whether it is an employee, regardless the level of seniority, or our stakeholders and distributors The expectation for everyone is to be a doer, not an position-holder; we want only those who work hard, put a lot of effort but not those who just sit back and enjoy the fruits of others For those who are settled with enjoying their day, embodying bureaucratic habits, intoxicated with their past achievements, sleeping on their duty, for those the whole community will suffer, in its failure to eradicate the inactive, those who do not support the market demand and only worry of themselves; people like this, only interested in their own, putting personal interest ahead of the collective success, we must resolve to eliminate from the Tiens team They will be replaced
- In the third international venture the key positions must be devoted to people willing to be entrepreneurial partners rather than professional managers If are to categorize people and employees into five different groups: “Leader, Achiever, Doer, Muddler and Loser”, the people in key positions are should be the “Leader” kind of person, or at least an “Achiever”, problem solvers who can tackle complex problems Another way to categorize people would be, “Protagonist, Competent, Operator, Labor and Scum”, we need those that are “Protagonist” and “Competent” to fit in the key positions in the organization, but just not some “Labor” or the “Scum” As we know, a “Leader” is always visionary and sagacious, a “Competent” cares about present and result oriented, but “Operator” and “Labor” personnel need guidance and instruction, and “Scum” is selfish and calculative about everything Tiens needs those talented individuals always at the “Vanguard” in many areas, who can lead the force to charge, creating value, achieving and accomplish goals in the frontline as well as serving our markets and the supporting systems Besides “Vanguard” employee, we need great “Generals” to lead the talents to the business forefront of industries, and regions, present themselves as the role model to the team, and lead execution of large-scale operations
- The third international venture, Tiens requires "people with a global mindset, with sound consciousness among the field of professionals” First Tiens is a globalized platform; we need interoperability at home and abroad, we need adequate idea sharing, we need to support each other and will play a greater role Global mindset, international attitude, has nothing to do with nationality, qualifications or the position, but with the way the individual thinks and operates Secondly, the focus should be on the market services, create value from benefiting and contributing to the market, whether at headquarters, or at our Direct Selling market, at our Great Health Services, in new E-commerce model or any of our major business segments, we need to emphasize a sense of understanding towards the ultimate baseline and provide full support to our markets, with value adding methodology Finally, for us to do our jobs and create value, it requires us to be professional in knowledge, experience and our overall abilities Only enthusiasm is no enough, we need to integrate external professionals to our environment, and encourage further learning and continuous development of talents and improvement of professionalism When doing this, we also need to remember that professionalism is not narrowed, there needs to be global awareness and the most wanted talents have a comprehensive ability in their field
Fifth, we need to firmly grasp Three major keys to the third international venture Tiens third venture has its foundation in the people that are fast adapting to change and share unity of thinking when facing organizational change There are 3 fundamental factors in our change, Organizational Change, Establishing the Building Blocks of the Benefit Sharing Mechanism and Model Innovation

we need to firmly grasp Three major keys to the third international venture.

Tiens third venture has its foundation in the people that are fast adapting to change and share unity of thinking when facing organizational change There are 3 fundamental factors in our change, Organizational Change, Establishing the Building Blocks of the Benefit Sharing Mechanism and Model Innovation
(一)Organizational change

With the value chain as our core we will strive to break down the functional layers of traditional models Creating greater value for Tiens will serve as the main principle to establish departments and regions with corresponding positions It is in creating profit centers at all levels; vertically flat management is the core to build a center basis management organization structure as the body of the operational mechanism, aiming to reduce or even eliminate unnecessary organizational levels, while achieving flat regional business management We are looking for re-examining organizational functions, departmental integration, increased collaboration and reductions in communication costs through systems rather horizontally large than vertically deep
We would like to emphasize that organizational change needs to be done from top to bottom in order to improve operational efficiency We will reduce the organizational levels to empower the core talent to create value at the right positions The Group is unified in its thinking of overall cancellation of the Group Vice President positions In accordance with this arrangement some Vice Presidents have vacated their current positions After some research and study, the other Vice Presidents will also in principle be adjusted in the near future to their new post
(二)Establishing the Building Blocks of the Benefit Sharing Mechanism
For the third international venture to succeed, the building blocks of the mechanism, especially in talent benefit management innovation, must focus on the proposition Chairman has repeatedly stressed that Tiens is not a person, nor is it just a few people, Tiens is everyone, a family, and we must focus on sharing