Indian Women’s Football Team Gear-up For International Friendly Against Malaysia

On Monday, India women’s football team ready to face against the hosts Malaysia in an international friendly and to put up with a good show. Maymol Rocky, who will debut match as India’s coach, also first female coach, is a huge fan of strict discipline.

Coach Maymol said “We have introduced fines in this camp. Whenever someone commits any mistake, she is fine.” She added “Imparting discipline within the squad stayed a priority. Unless you get the pinch, you never learn. The girls are perfectly fine with it as they know ‘it’s for a cause.’”

Former captain of India U-19 Dalima Chhibber said “It unites us. The team bonding has become better. It makes you more disciplined. It is fun, but at the same time, it pinches your pocket. It’s up to us to avoid the fines.”

Maymol Rocky

Maymol said ahead of Monday’s match that she is hoping the seriousness from the players; she said “We won’t be taking them lightly. They are a strong side. Once you are complacent, you will pay the price, they are playing at home. It is a big stadium. It’s advantage Malaysia.”

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Talking about the squad and her experienced players, Maymol said “Around 10 players have come up the ranks through the age groups. The average age of the side has gone down considerably. Barring around three, all the rest are below 25.”

Maymol Rocky

Coach Maymol feels her team will put up a good show against Malaysia, she said “Not that we are a weak team. But I never go into FIFA Rankings. We are aware of the development made by Malaysia. But we are confident as a team.”

Speaking about her views on Indian captain Bala Devi, “She has a habit of scoring goals in almost every match.” But Captain Bala Devi is not worried as to who scores as long as someone scores, the captain said “It’s not about who scores as long as we score. We have specific roles assigned to us and we need to execute it to perfection.”