Check Out What Hardik Pandya Says About His Debut Test Performance

Indian all-rounder Hardik Pandya made his Test debut scoring an aggressive half-century in the first innings. But after the match, Pandya talks to Cheteshwar Pujara about his debut Test experienced in a video by

Pujara asked Pandya about debut Test, how do you feel about a half century? Pandya said “It feels really good. As a youngster, you dream to play Test cricket and when you get the opportunity and you do well, it always feels good. I was really proud of myself.”

Pujara asked what are the different preparations you did for Test matches? Pandya said “As an international cricketer, you need to be really smart. I feel to play all the three formats you need to switch from the mind. You don’t change your skills much. The way I was batting I thought I was batting in ODI only. You take time and work on your bowling, batting, and patience.”

Pandya said about his Pull shot, “I was proud of myself in pull shots because I know I don’t play pull shot that well.”

Hardik Pandya

Pujara asked who plays short ball well? You (Hardik) or me (Pujara)? Hardik said “Obviously Pujara Bhai. He pulls it so well. He can easily hit 100m in any ground.”

Who is your favourite all-rounder? Asked Pujara. Pandya said “I have said it a number of times that it’s Jaques Kallis. What he has done for South Africa is amazing. Be it scoring quicks runs or holding on to the innings.”

What do you like apart from cricket? Pujara. Hardik said “I love cars and pop corns. I watch movies because I love cheese pop corn and I can’t get them anywhere else.”