Gautam Gambhir Suspended For Four-Match Ban

Indian veteran opener Gautam Gambhir was suspended for a four-match ban from cricket because of his misbehaviour with Delhi Ranji coach KP Bhaskar later this year and was punished.

According to the enquiry committee constituted by Delhi and Districts Cricket Association administrator Justice Vikramjit Sen, comprising Chairman Madan Lal, Rajendra R Rathore and advocate Soni Singh were found Gambhir fault and said that his behaviour as “serious” and “inappropriate.

Justice Sen took a decision to “suspend the punishment for a period of two years ending on 30th March 2019”.

In a statement DDCA administrator, Justice Sen said: “Having learned of an incident, which occurred when the team from DDCA was in Orissa, in which an altercation between Gautam Gambhir and Bhasker Pillai had transpired, and pursuant to a complaint received from Pillai, I met both person on 10th March 2017.”

Gautam Gambhir

“The matter could not be amicably and satisfactorily resolved. The Committee Members agree that considering the above facts and circumstances that have come to light, Mr Gambhir’s actions towards Mr Pillai with premeditated intent to humiliate the coach were highly inappropriate and of serious nature.”

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“It is recommended that such inappropriate behaviour requires to be penalised not only in a proportionate manner, but in a manner that has a deterrent effect so that it is not repeated and such issues are taken seriously by all team members.”

“The Committee members feel the necessity of deterrent effect of penalties on account of such seriously inappropriate behaviour to inculcate discipline within the team and in the interest of the game of cricket.”

Gautam Gambhir

“Having such considerations and findings as above in mind, the Committee Members recommend that Mr Gautam Gambhir should not be allowed to play in 4 (four) First Class matches of the Delhi team at the start of the next season, i.e. 2017-18 on account of his deliberate and pre-meditated inappropriate behaviour.”

Veteran Gambhir said that he will stand by the decision taken by DDCA, “I have seen honourable Justice Sen’s order and will abide by it.”