Indian Football Team Is Ready For The Upcoming Match Against The Kyrgyz Republic

Indian football team’s defender Anas Edathodika has said that his sides are all geared up and ready to face against the Kyrgyz Republic in the upcoming match.

Talking about the opponents Edathodika said that they will not take anyone lightly and will give equal respect to all its opponents, irrespective of the stature and rankings.

In an interview by PTI, the 30-year-old Indian defender Edathodika said “We’re fit and we’re ready for the upcoming match against the Kyrgyz Republic. We know the importance of the match and under no circumstances; we will leave the ground without giving our 100 percent on the pitch.”

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Indian defender

Edathodika further added, “We respect every opponent equally. We always give our best shot and we would continue to do so. You have to push your limits every time to keep the place.”

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“You have to concentrate more when you play an international match. A moment of lapse in concentration will make you pay dearly.”

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