MTV Roadies Rising X5 Last Audition 1st April 2017

MTV Roadies Rising X5 Last Audition 1st April 2017 Episode 8 is coming in Chandigarh and hunting for the last warriors. Since now, the last few episode is run in the City Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi and Finally Chandigarh.

There are lots of Action and drama seen in the last few episode, Gang Leader slaps on the contestant and now Karan is off the show, who is being replaced by Nikhil Chinapa. Nikhil is also one of the popular VJ of MTV and from the next episode onwards, he will be joining the clan gang along with the new selected Roadies warriors.

MTV Roadies Rising X5 Last Audition 1st April 2017

MTV Roadies Rising X5 Last Audition 1st April 2017 Episode 8

In Chandigarh, all the gang leaders are seen along with Karan Kundra, He who will be replaced in the next episode. While there are lots of drama in the main audition house, first starting from the beginning- Varun Sood who is the Roadies too in the last show Roadies X2.

Varun’s Birthday has been celebrated by most of the gang leaders like Ranvijay and Nikhil. And they give warm wishes on social media like Twitter and Facebook.

Episode Highlights of MTV Roadies Rising X5 Last Audition 1st April 2017

In the Audition house, in present of Gang Leader like Ranvijay, Neha, Prince, Karan and also Harbhajan Singh. Many drama and action are seen in the house where Neha is seen to be very impressed with the first contestant.

Prince Narula is seen performing a hot dance, where, the girl contestant is giving a great dance. Harbhajan Singh is also seen to give a tough task for a girl contestant who is much strong that she can even lift Harbhajan on her shoulder and perform squat up to some repetition.

In the last moment of the show, there is a huge clash between two women who asked for competing themselves to be chosen in Roadies. All the gang leaders are amazing to watch them fighting and they have broken the women’s fight.

And Finally, there was also a drama where a girl contestant was asked to choose her gang leader while when Karan gave her Ranvijay’s poster, she tears the poster which brings a shock situation among the gang leaders.

Harbhajan too is disappointed over an issue which you can watch full episode 8.

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