IPL 2017: Pressure Of Price Tag Leads To Failure

Royal Challengers Bangalore and England pace bowler Tymal Mills thinks that getting down pressure by his huge price of Rs 12 crore tags can lead to failure which is intolerable.

During the practice session, England speedster Mills said to reporters at Chinnaswamy stadium, “I am not putting pressure on myself up for a failure. I am just going to back myself and do what I have been doing for the last two years – the last six months especially.”

The 24-year-old England paces Mills said that he will bowl same stuff like before that has given him success. “I am not going to change what I have done so far. I am confident with what I do, how I have become successful so far.”

“I am going to come and be aggressive with the new ball and then be smart with my change-ups as the innings goes on,” said Mills.


He said T20 is see-saw battles of a chance as one match goes in players’ good turn and in another. “I understand you are not always going to do well. T20 is a game which is so up and down. In one game, you can take 4 for 10 and then go 0 for 50 in the next game.”

“You have got to be able to temper your expectations and make sure you are level headed, especially when I am going to play half of my games here.”

Mills said he played a lot in the sub-continent and also UAE in the past, “I have played a lot in Asia over the last year. I have toured Sri Lanka twice, Bangladesh twice, UAE recently and India previously. I have played a lot of cricket in sub-continent. Conditions won’t be alien for me,” said Mills.

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Mills said about the heat and humidity to get adjusts needs some time after coming from cooler confines of England.

“It is about getting adjusted to the heat and stuff. I was in England for last two weeks where it was pretty cold – 6-7 degrees. It will get a few days to get used to that. I feel well prepared and look forward to doing well.”


“200 is the average score is what I believe.  You have got to set your expectations correctly and I back myself to play more games well than I play badly.”

He said about the back problem playing any other format that he doesn’t bowl more than four overs. “It was a two-day period. I had all my tests done and sat down in boardroom with doctors and the chief executive at Sussex, and I was offered retirement.”

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Mills said that he can do this for a good 8 to 10 years. “I am only 24, so hopefully I can do this for a good 8-10 years. You never know. This is all I focus on and hopefully this won’t be my only IPL,” said Mills.

He concluded “T20 option was recommended to him. The back injury and other problems, I had only occurred when I bowled 14-15 overs in a day. This is all I do now and there has been no recurrence. Of course, as all bowlers do, I pick up other injuries like knee, ankle, but I have come here in good health.”