Smith Not Temperamentally Sound Enough To Be Australia’s Captain

Australia’s former spinner Kerry O’Keeffe said that skipper Steve Smith is not temperamentally sound enough to lead their team. As smith captured on live TV appearing to say “unkind remarks” after Murali Vijay claimed to catch against Josh Hazlewood.

After losing series Smith apologised for letting his “emotions falter” sometimes during the four-match rubber. However, O’Keeffe maintains Smith need to do lots of better job keeping his feeling under the control to build up as a skipper.

The 67-year-old Australia’s former spinner said on Fox Sports Back Page Live “He leads from the front (and) he’s finding out about leadership. Is he temperamentally sound enough to be the captain of our country? Probably not because he’s so emotional.”


“We’ve seen when he’s on the field he’s overly reacting to everything. That catch was (not) cleanly taken. He decided to go with the cheat line. There’s an emotion to Steve Smith that basically is at the core of his game.”

Speaking after the four and final Test, skipper Steve Smith said: “I’ve been very intense and in my own little bubble and at times I’ve let my emotions and actions just falter a little bit and I apologise for that throughout this series.”

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He added, “That’s a big stride for me moving forward and something I can really learn from and grow as an individual and as a leader.”


Sunil Gavaskar drew praise that apology, “May I just say about Steve Smith, I think he is a big man,” Gavaskar said. “For him to accept he has made a mistake shows just what a big man he is.”

“I am so happy that he’s commented on that. We all make mistakes, we all say things sometimes, we all get carried away in the heat of the moment but for him to accept it like he’s done, he’s a huge man.”

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“My respect for Steve Smith as a batsman was huge, my respect for him as a captain and a person has gone even higher,” he added.