Ancelotti Warns Bayern To Beware Wounded Arsenal

Italian retired footballer Carlo Ancelotti has warned Bayern Munich to protect against an Arsenal reaction as he looks to avoid another dramatic Champions League make down. His side will reach on Tuesday at the Emirates Stadium with one base securely planted in the quarter-finals.

However, Bayern manager knows all that large lead can quickly vanish in the crucible of a high-stakes European showdown.

In the year 2005 in Champion League final, Ancelotti was in an accused of the AC Milan team which famously wasted a three-goal in the half-time lead before losing on penalties against Liverpool.

That dramatic fall in Istanbul came just a few year when Ancelotti has to watch Milan bowl away 4-1 in the first leg lead in the Champion League quarter-final.


After Saturday’s Premier League match defeat against Liverpool spark rumours of a rift between manager Arsene Wenger and start player Alexis Sanchez. It looks improbable the Gunners might add another sore stage to Ancelotti’s European record.

However, the former manager of Real Madrid and Chelsea has no meaning of taking Arsenal for admitted. He has already highlighted the potential danger posed by the wounded hosts.

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The 57-year-old Bayern Munich boss said about his earlier defeats, “I try to forget but I’m not allowed to forget. This is the beauty of football. You never know what will happen. I think that experience was good for me to avoid this type of problem.”

“Tomorrow could be a good moment to show we are focused from the beginning. I hope the players won’t switch off. I spoke with them and they are focused. They know the starts of the game will be tough.”


“We won’t take into consideration the advantage that we have. If you not playing well and you are going a little bit down, for a team that has problems maybe this kind of game is an opportunity for Arsenal to solve the problems.”

Arsene won six FA Cups and three Premier League as Arsenal manager, Ancelotti said that “We have to live critics in our job, but the most important thing is to consider the right critics. Wenger is a manager with a lot of experience. I’m sure he will be able to react and manage this situation.”

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“I sympathise with him as a manager, as a man I have a good relationship with him. I have a lot of respect for him. Not every manager will be able to do what he did in this club.”