Miss Use Of DRS By Captain Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli: Indian Captain Kohli can’t utilize the perfect use of Decision Review System (DRS). During last 2-3 Test series, Captain Kohli’s DRS taking and correcting ratio is near about 30%.

For a top World Class Captain that wasn’t expected by any board. Team India start their DRS from the five-match series against England (2016).  Under Kohli’s Captaincy, India has got only 17 correct decisions out of the 55 referrals.

If BCCI compares this ratio with MS Dhoni’s DRS, that deviation can’t be acceptable for any world class team. Though Captain Kohli is one of the aggressive player of India, but his DRS success is 30.9.

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As an example, the result is directly shown to the last Pune’s Test. During that Test Murali Vijay and KL Rahul selflessly use 1st innings review under first six over.

India DRS

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Practically, an umpire’s call is rarely reversed when they took an on-field decision. But Test No.1 team always try to make false the umpire decision which is going against India.

On Monday former Indian cricketer, Deep Dasgupta said, “DRS should be strictly used for howlers. And it is a tool to help umpires be as accurate as possible. For me, an umpire’s call should only be challenged in the case of leg before if a player is sanguine that he has had an inside edge onto the pads.”

“Every batsman knows if he has had an edge or not. So if anyone thinks that ball tracker will help him, he should get the concept right. As far as fielding team’s referrals are concerned, the wicketkeeper should be the DRS Captain. He should be assertive enough if need be to tell the skipper that don’t go for it. The keeper’s conviction makes it easier for the skipper,” he added.

In Pune’s turning pitch, India miss used all four reviews while fielding. From four of that only one was corrected.

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