Ranji Trophy: Abhinav Mukund Says, Pros Of Neutral Venues? I Can’t Name Any

Abhinav Mukund, Tamil Nadu’s captain, annoying BCCI’s neutral-venue experiment for Ranji Trophy this season, saying that he can’t name even one positive thing about it.

When asked whether he was a fan of the board’s decision.”Shall I keep naming the cons?” from scarcity of balls to nature of pitches, he listed them out. He even said that he couldn’t think of any positive effect of the experiment. “Pros? I don’t know any.”

The 27-years-old captain said about less new balls provide by the association; he said “First of all, every association has to provide balls. Before every game, there is a matter of umpires and match referees coming to the captain and coach and saying, we need four balls, we need five balls.”


“There’s an issue with the balls every single game. I cannot have such problem in a knockout game. In a Ranji Trophy semi-final, if you can come and tell me (before the match), I don’t have balls in the ball box, I don’t understand that. That is point one.”

Abhinav said about the pitches “Secondly, none actually gives a damn about the wickets that are being prepared. Everyone’s playing safe, which is why people are scoring more than 1000 runs, 1500 runs and I don’t see many spinners coming into play at all.”

Tamil Nadu’s captain lamented the detail that how playing persistently away has deprived the young cricketers the experience of playing at home. “I don’t like this concept mainly because of the fact that there’s no continuity. You play throughout the year in one condition – it’s really important to play at home.”


“These are the kind of things you grow up as a cricketer. So many cricketers who have made debut for us this year haven’t played at Chepauk. That’s such a big thing for me, at least,” he said.

The associations like Saurashtra and Mumbai were against the idea of neutral venues since they felt that whole heart of the tournament will lose if home and the away system put an end.