PWL 2017: Opening Matches Haryana Hammers Success Against Mumbai Maharathis

The opening day matches of Pro Wrestling League have started with the team Haryana Hammers vs. Mumbai Maharathis. Before starting the bouts, the crowd at the KD Jadhav Indoor Stadium in New Delhi chants the name of Geeta Phogat.  When she stepped on the mat of Pro Wrestling League for the inauguration, the loud voice was taken for 2004 Athens Olympic silver medallist and new Minister of State for information and Broadcasting Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore.

Team Mumbai captain Erica Wiebe and also Rio Olympics gold medallist won the toss and decided to block the men’s 70kg, whereas team Haryana captain Abdusalam Gadisov blocked women’s 48kg.


Trying to pull-off for a takedown, Marwa Amri suddenly stopped and pointed to the mat. The referee stops the bout, and Amri’s opponent Sarita was clueless why that happened. Amri got her contact lens from the mat and attempted to put back in her eye. However, after a lot of tried, she became unsuccessful to place it back and handed it over the referee. That was the moment that she tried during the match.

The bronze medallist of Rio Olympics, wrestling with a dream of one eye only pulled off 6-0 win against Mumbai’s Sarita and that gave Haryana Hammers the secure on the opening day of the second season of the Pro Wrestling League on Monday.

When she asked about the struggle during the bout, she said after her bout “It is normal and there is no problem even after losing one lens during the bout. I had the lens in the other eye so I could see with it and wrestle with no problem.”


The second season of the Pro Wrestling League is a very interesting rule change; the league can use a difference of 15 points to award the technical superiority to a wrestler instead fo the regular ten as per the United World Wrestling, governing the body of Wrestling around the world, rule.

In the men’s 65 kg, Rajnessh had won the opening bout by defeating Vikas however; it was tuff 1-1 between the team after Wiebe’s match. Earlier world champion Gadisov defeated two times to the world bronze medallist Pavlo Oliynik still getting split behind his right ear.

Gadisov said after his bout “The 15 point’s technical superiority thing good as it gives more chance to a wrestler. The win is not by luck and it is good to get more mat time for the wrestler.”