Parthiv Patel Says, Innovative Keeping Session Has Helped Me A Lot

Indian cricketer Parthiv Patel batting and keeping make a shine during the current home Test series against England. His attributes the success to isolate his double skills during training sessions.

The 31-years-old pleasant stroke play has been honour by all with his 13 dismissals with the giant glove in India’s four series victory against England.

According to the sources, Patel said to a media PTI during a communication; he said “I think what has worked wonderfully well for me is the separate sessions that I have had for batting and keeping. In the past few years, when I chalked out my training schedule, I made it a point that I won’t practice batting and keeping during a singular session. If I bat in the morning, I would keep wickets in the evening.”

parthiv patel

Patel played nearly 15 years of first-class cricket in 166 matches, but now he alerts about his works as a keeper. He presented a sneak peek on his routine, “There are times when I go for my keeping practice, I would tell the groundsmen to prepare a rank turner and at times would tell them not to work a single bit on the pitch. That helps you prepare for keeping on unpredictable tracks.”

“There would be times when I would keep at any part of the ground which ensures that I do not blindly trust the surface to have true bounce and carry. While you practice keeping drills, it is very necessary to mix and match and simulate during training sessions.”

The Gujarat captain approved to the former Indian keeper Kiran More used to present him with advice on his glovework; Patel said: “Yes, I have had interactions with Kiran More and he has given me a lot of useful feedback regarding my glovework.”

parthiv patel

Patel had made occasional appearances after Dhoni’s arrival into the national situation; he said “I play the game because I love playing it. I love going to practice every day, love taking those catches at the training session. Also the self-belief was there that if I keep performing, my chance will come. Selection is not in my hands and I can hardly do anything about it. There are guys (selectors) who are there to do the job. My job is to perform to the best of my abilities and I try doing that.”

Patel concluded saying that he will lead a young bunch of Gujarat which will play against Jharkhand in Ranji Trophy semi-finals. “I think it’s been a good season for Gujarat team. The boys kept up the intensity throughout the season and full credit to them that we are in the semi-finals. Being a senior member of the side, my job is to share my knowledge and experience with them. Rather than taking it as the big semi-final, I would like the boys to feel that we are playing the 10th match of the season.”