Former Cricketer Erapalli Prasanna Says, Ravichandra Ashwin Is World’s Best Spinner Right Now

Indian cricket team turns with great Erapalli Prasanna thinks that Ravichandran Ashwin is one of the best strikes bowlers and also the best spinner recently in the world. In the four-Test series which played against England, Ashwin took 28 wickets as well scoring 304 runs.

According to the sources, Prasanna said to a media person that “There is no doubt that Ashwin is the best strike bowler we have. He is the best spinner in the world now.”

Prasanna advice Ashwin to present the ball flight more a lot, he said “Unless and until he makes the batsmen step out and drive it will be a little difficult for him. In the back of his mind he has got a leg break which he thinks is very effective. But watching him, the batsmen will easily know that he is going to bowl that delivery. From his action you can easily find out that he is going to bowl that one.”


The 76-years-old Prasanna is one of the famous Indian cricket team spin quartets in the year 1970 and also player included Bishan Singh, S Venkataraghavan, and BS Chandrasekhar.

The former cricketer of Indian team Prasanna belongs to Bengaluru had given the words of appreciation to Ravindra Jadeja, he said “We also largely need to direct our success to Ravindra Jadeja because he kept one end tight (against England). These two have largely contributed to our series win against England.”

Prasanna further said about Jadeja mastery over flight, “Now Jadeja has come to a stage wherein he can read the mind of batsmen and turn to be a strike bowling match winner.”


Former cricketer Prasanna thinks that Jayant Yadav’s (young all-rounder) bowling spin is not cut out for Test cricket, he said “If you really ask me Jayant Yadav, I do not think, he will be able to bowl long spells at all. He is a useful batsman for T20 or one-day matches and he can bowl good four overs in these two formats,” he added.

“He has already proved that in the longer version of the game, he is not a strike bowler. He is not meant to be a strike bowler.”