Virat Kohli Found Himself As The Strength Of Indian Cricket

All Cricket lovers are a great fan of Indian cricket super champ Virat Kohli. In this year he blows wind in the 22 yard in every format of cricket. This year 2016, remains the best for him as he gives India many big wins in all format.

In this year we saw him scoring with a speed of average 86.50 in all formats which is a record by any batsman within one year. This performance and determination make him the most dominant player in the Indian cricket history. His performance speaks all about him, and he didn’t need to utter any word to express his performance in the 22-yard pitch. This year remains a productive year ever for BCCI as Indian Cricket team winning graph hits the maximum in great cricket format.

virat kohli

From the IPL 2012 he is showing his blasting performance, but this year he seems extraordinary. He is from the beginning known as most aggressive player and batsman. This year, he finally has able to browbeat his temper only for his needs. Don’t think Viral has become liberal, he just now controlling his temper as he finds it better for achievements.

Virat always goes for hunting in the 22 yard with his bat. Every bowler thinks before his bowl before Virat. In batting, he is complete with great average strike rate and score. Recently he shows his aggression against England. In this year he builds many milestones in the cricket history.

virat kohli

In the Test format as a captain of Indian Test team, he gives India win in nine games where he scored four hundred. Not in test format, his magic, and aggression continuously rules ODI and T20 format with an average strike rate of 92.37 and 106.83 respectively.

The off-field meltdowns for Indian cricket team this year Virat were talented with the talent of making impressive pronouncements on it, with the bat in his hand as a leader of men.

The traditional power brokers used up the year being chased by the law. In his kingdom, he set the law, often with spectacular results.