AIFF General Secretary Says, Indian Football Will Benefit From Hosting Fifa Tournaments

AIFF general secretary Kushal Das said that Indian football team targets to qualify Asian Cup in 2019. According to the All India Football Federation official, all cities youth will enjoy the view of a Fifa World Cup mostly on their entrance in Qatar.

According to the sources, AIFF general secretary excerpts saying by ‘’ “Over the last few years, football has emerged as a popular sport for city-based youngsters and India’s hosting of some key competitions in the years preceding the 2002 Fifa World Cup in Qatar will exponentially enhance the profile of the sport among them.”

When AIFF general secretary asked about their view to playing more International friendlies, he said “It is not just about playing. It is about strategising. The goal is to go to pot 2 of Asian Cup qualifiers, let’s see how the draw pans out. Our prime target is to qualify for the 2019 Asian Cup.”

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General Secretary said that in team pot 2 players are a bit weaker in comparison, “Now we are on 205 points, in October we are expected to reach 230 points because of the win over Puerto Rico and in November we hope to be somewhere around 217 points. We are looking to have 215-220 points by the draw takes place. To offset the 13 points we lost due to defeats in the past, we will have to play teams above 90 in Fifa rankings and that is tough.”

Das added that first ever FIFA World Cup in the Middle East might directly collect the advantages of its geographical proximity to the world’s second mainly crowded country.

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Das said “The Honourable AIFF President Praful Patel has expressed his interest in bidding for the FIFA Under-20 World Cup, and chances are very high that India would host the tournament before Qatar hosts Asia’s second ever World Cup. The potential hosting of the Under-20 World Cup will give India further impetus to ramp up football infrastructure and broaden grassroots initiatives such as Mission Eleven Million, which, in turn, will help to reinforce the new metropolitan football culture.”