Football: Messi Fulfilled Afghan Boy Wish

A boy who belongs from Doha (Afghanistan) became internet rumours for wearing the Lionel Messi football shirt. Someone took a picture of the Afghan boy wearing Lionel Messi football shirt, after that it went viral on the social media. But, on Tuesday Afghan boy met his superstar idol, Lionel Messi.

An Afghan boy as Murtaza Ahmadi met the Football superstar and Barcelona forward player Lionel Messi in Doha. Spanish League Champions Barcelona came to play a friendly match against the Al-Ahli (Saudi Arabian) later.

Murtaza Ahmadi who is a Six-year-old boy, from the Southwest Kabul of Rural Ghazni, walked out with the Argentinian on the Al-Gharrafa stadium of Doha.


The organizer of World Cup 2022 Qatar Tweeted “The Image of the World Wanted To See,” who managed to bring an Afghan boy and Lionel Messi together. An Afghan boy dreamed of meeting with football superstar that converts into reality at last.

According to the statement, Murtaza said, “I’m very happy to have met my hero. It is like dreams come true for me”.

Murtaza became worldwide internet viral after pictured wearing his hero’s shirt earlier of this year. The shirt was made up with a plastic bag including the name Lionel Messi which was written by marker pen on the back.

Homayoun who is a brother of Murtaza made the shirt by neighbor’s garbage or grocery bags.


Murtaza said to the AFP, “I love Messi, he plays great all the time, and I love the shirt, my brother created.” Murtaza’s family doesn’t have enough money to afford the original shirt for Murtaza.

Murtaza received the real shirt from Lionel Messi after the pictures went rumor on the internet. His father said that “he wants to see his boy become Messi of Afghanistan.”

Homayoun and his family were happy for Murtaza and looking forward.