Junior Hockey Coach Harendra Singh Says, India Will Prove Their Best Hockey To The World

Indian junior hockey assigns as an active team in the Junior Hockey World Cup which is going to start on Thursday. However, there’s no feeling to think and has just promised that his team member will display their best hockey.

Singh said that the first step taken by him, to come out on the top list of Canada in the tournament opener. Coach Harendra said on the eve of India’s opening match that “I have told the boys a very important mantra that a mountaineer never aims at the summit, he or she only concentrates on every single step. If he keeps on looking at the summit from the word, go he will never succeed in climbing it.”

He said “We are approaching one match at a time. But I can guarantee all that I won’t let anyone leave the tournament disappointed. I can guarantee you one thing that these 18 boys will show their best hockey to you and the world.”hockey-team

He advised his words for doing more ‘special’ gears in all the match and also request to focus on applying their game plan. He said “From my experience, I have learnt that we try to do many special things against all teams. But this is not possible in modern hockey. You just need to do your own things.”

“We must ensure that whatever we have learnt in training should be implemented in match situations. If we try new things it won’t work. I have told the boys to keep in mind just whatever we have learnt in the last two years and 8 and focus on that. Second thing I told them is that they should always remember why they started hockey, then only they can play normal hockey.”


As a task master, he said to his team about the important i.e. professional and discipline. All players must remember about the country tricolor, he said “What I believe is that Harendra Singh is a tough nut to crack. Whatever I am today is because of two things, one is discipline and professionalism.”

“For me, the tricolor is the tallest and most important and you have to play for that. Keeping that in mind I only can show you the right path. My simple logic is either it is my way or take the highway. But I can proudly say that the boys have realized the thing and the results in the last two years only prove that point.”