Ajinkya Rahane’s slip-Catching is baffling, very baffling

Ajinkya Rahne’s is a very talented cricketer, by looking into his cricket professional summaries, you will find that he is an extraordinary batsman and one of the brilliant slip- fielder, even more than his own mentor Mr. Rahul Dravid. It really baffled us; the slip-catching of Ajinkya Rahane is really baffling. As per his Resume, he is a world record holder- maximum catches by a cricketer in a match, Ajinkya catches maximum number catches which are eight (8).

As the number of series increase, his number of catches column also scales up. Professional summaries of his remains same, for the catches he takes in which he have to write the thesis mechanisms. For example, low catches, high-jump rippers, one- handed blinders and much more, mastered by him. And also repeat feats like many other cricketers, like the Run feat of Virat Kohli and the dramatic shows after taking Ravichandran Ashwin’s wicket etc.

Ajinkya Rahane slip- catching is baffling

Ravi Shastri also says in the commentary box that “Rahane makes no Mistake”. It seems like a template just like the Shastri cliché; Rahane also has his share of stupid mistakes as well. Even the greatest have drawbacks at times, Mark Taylor, Mark Waugh, and Mohammad Azharuddin the greatest had also faltered. And just like then Ajinkya Rahaneh also keeps us Startled by pulling off the catches.

At the Venue Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium, Mohali.
It was England batting, with the Joe Root in the crease score, were 107 for 6 wickets, the injured Haseeb Hameed joined the root in the middle just to make it more interesting. We can simply say that India was in the driver’s seat without any doubt, it was the pitch for the spinners and strategies of Kohli’s to keeping the Ravindra Jadeja in attack and in the two right handlers were perfect.

Parthiv Patel’s gloves were busy catching many deliveries as the deliveries were passing the outside edges. There was Ajinkya Rahane on the first slip with the fixed eyes on the ball; he was eagerly expecting the ball to fly to him at any time, well few of the balls went acutely towards him which forces him and as result, he has to trigger movements to his rights.