PV Sindhu- Inspiration to every Human being

This really is a great honor for India to have PV Sindhu as she is the first Ever Indian Woman who wins an Olympic Silver medal at the age of 21 in the year 2016. at the age of 17, she was among the top 20 ranked player in Badminton World federation. she was the first among Indian woman to win a medal at the BWC. Need we say India is proud of her. And adding to her list of achievements she now receives the Padma Shri, the India’s fourth highest civilian honor. The journey towards her achievements are filled with stories enough to inspire every human being alive, so let’s take a look at some of the untold stories of her journey towards all her glory.

Eight reasons to be inspired by PV Sindhu

PV Sindhu Rio Olympic silver medal champion

1.     Family background- Athletes

PV Sindhu was born on July 5, 1995. Her father P.V Ramana and mother P.Vijaya both of them were international volleyball players. She made her choice to play badminton after influenced and inspired by the Pullela Gopichand’s at 2001 All England Open. When she was only eight years old she started to play Badminton, and her parents played a very important and strong roll behind her success, her parents supported her with lots of determination.

2.     Strong determination toward her Ambition

It is seen that in the very young age majority of children are not so serious, but PV Sindhu was different, she was fully dedicated to her ambition from the very young age, she used to attend her coaching camp every day and also on time, after travelling a distance of about 56 kilometers from her home. Initially. she learned the sports at Secunderabad Indian railway institute of signal engineering and telecommunication. she learned the basic from there. And then further she moves to the Gopichand badminton Academy where she trained more advance.

3.     Born to Win

From the young age of her career as Badminton player she started to win several titles, for example, she played under 10 categories in all India championship and won the title, she also participates In the sub-juniors, held in Pondicherry and won the singles titles. In the sub-junior nationals held in Pune she ranks in all India, it is like she is born to win, it was clear that she will become an international level player in Badminton if you look into her tournament winning list from the very young age.

4.     Start of international career

PV Sindhu started her international career in the year of 2009, by winning the bronze medal in the Sub-Junior Asian Badminton Championships held in Colombo. After that, she again won the silver medal of Iran Fajr international Badminton challenge in the year of 2010, and successfully admitted in the official member of Indian badminton team.

5.     Serious Injury

Even the injuries cannot stop her from being the champion, it was observed that while she was competing in the 77th Senior National Badminton Championship held in Srinagar, she was injured in the Knee but it was lately revealed, and she was carried on competing for the championships. As a result, she had to skip the championship of world junior so that the injury of her knee is healed as soon as possible. In the tournament named as Syed Modi India Grand Prix Gold, she made a better comeback. It was the best ranking of her career, she ranks 15 there.

6.     Won silver medal in the Rio Olympics

After the years of hard works and amazingly played tournaments, she finally ready for the Rio Olympics. PV Sindhu finally competed in the Rio Olympics held in 2016 and won the rank of 9th. By defeating several strong players and winning the heart of people around the globe, she even competed with Wang Yihan, the world’s No.2 badminton Player, she successfully defeated her and entered to the final tournaments. After very hard Rivals and fights, she finally lost to Spaniard Carolina Marin. Even though she lost the final she became the first woman of India to win the silver medal in the Rio Olympics game.

7.     Honored by Padma Shri Award

In the age of 21 PV Sindhu has already gathered a lot of fame around the globe playing lots of tournaments and matches. And after the revolutionary winning of Rio Olympic Games, she finally achieves the 4th highest civilian award Padma Shri in India. She also wins the highest sporting honor of India called as Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna.

8.     Die-hard Spirit

This really important for a sportsman to keep the spirits high, and her coach always said that Sindhu has very strong and die-hard spirit which will never give-up. Today also she practices all day long just to achieve and reach the highest possible goal of her life. Her unbeatable desire will take her forward to achieve more in future as we know she is only 21 years old presently.