Ravindra Jadeja – Knight with swinging swords, swats rivals, wins war within

Ravindra Jadeja one of the Famous Indian cricketers says’s “Yeh Koi Khass Baat nahi” in the press conference. Taking lightly of his sword dance while completing the half-century, before delving the main idea behind it, for instant you might be unaware of his forbears,

it is a trademark style of Rajputs. He said that he was following his ancestral style, nothing is special in this. And then he also encloses his description by saying that “Talwar to hum stadium ke andar nahin la sakta hain”

Well, one thing is clear that Jadeja is fiercely proud of his heritage; you’ll know it if you once attend the press conference or interacted with him directly, you’ll get a clear idea what does he really mean by that. And there are also many noticeable details like the Rajput No.8 inscribed on the shoes, and he also has a stable of some cross breed horse, just like his ancestors.

According to his attitude, it is not about being a caste-conscious show-off, it is like he is projecting himself as a fighter. This is because he wants the world to see him as a fighter. This may be the explanation that how he successfully fought backs the setbacks of the early phase of his career and life. Just for a brief idea, Jadeja Was not able to receive the upbringing.

As his mom died when he was under the age of 17 and his father was a simple guard, who don’t have the regular fixed income. And also he has two elder sisters. There were no backgrounds or resources to think of cricket as the profession for him.  And then after many years when he finally broke into the national side, he was trolled and disrespected like many other cricketers during his time.

It may be because of his insouciance that people portray him as a caricature. But as the time passes the recklessness of him is faded, with the increasing age and maturity, and the spirit of fights he has successfully re-emerged and supported himself as one of the strongest members of the team.