Rio 2016: Lilly King of U.S. Sets Olympic Record in 100-Meter Breaststroke

Lily King is  one of the best swimmer from Evansville , US. She was born on 10th February of the year 1997.She had started swimming from years of seven. She is very popular from her little stage. She is a record builder from her very little stage. She won 100 M breaststroke junior national championship title at the age of sixteen(16),there she build a National record  in her age to complete in time of 59.67.Lily King finished sixth in the US National in 2014, that helped her for selection on US National

In 2016 US Olympic trial Lily wins the 100M Breaststroke that qualified her for Olympic her record made her top contender to win gold for US in Rio.

A nineteen(19) year old USA swimmer Lily King who has played his first Olympic in Rio wins Gold medal  in 100 meter breath stroke  on yesterday night.

The race is between controversial  Russian player and four time world champion Yulia Efimova who has been initially banned for Rio Olympic for violating doping rules but she is mysteriously brought back before few hours of  the battle to fight against American  19 year old swimmer Lily King.roo

Hearing many cascading boos from the spectators Russian Swimmer took her entrance  in the starting block. Russian doping controversy came out at the Olympic aquatic world.

King swimmer at Indiana University beat Russian swimmer Efimova by  more than half a second finishing in 1:04.93 where Efimova time was 1:05:50 and katie Meili an U.S swimmer won the bronze medal by finishing the race in 1:05.69.

This 100 m race between Russian and American swimmer turned into a picture of endless quarrel between East and the West.

Monday night after this huge win king said  “She wanted always to win a gold medal in Olympic  and I am now feeling proud to represent US  before  the world in this Olympic. “