Rio 2016 Australia Sees Olympic Rugby Seven’s Gold Medal as a Victory for Women’s Sport

Olympics! This sports event is said to be the mother of all the sports events. There is not a single person on this planet who doesn’t know about Olympics. Olympics is a sacred event for every sportsperson all over the world. Every sportsperson dreams about being in the Olympics. Participating or getting selected for the Olympics makes them the sportsmen they dream to become. And winning a medal in the Olympics is like finding god for them. Be it Bronze, Silver or Gold itself. Well to be fair winning Gold gives out a different kind of vibe. The honor in that is comparable to nothing olympic

There are people in the world who don’t even know what they are capable of until they are put in the situation. Such a case happened at the Rio Olympics 2016, the Australia Women’s Rugby team realized it by winning the Seven’s Gold Medal.

On Monday Night they made history by winning the first ever Seven’s Gold Medal for women’s sports in 92 years. Not even the Australian Men’s Rugby team managed to win it till date. They defeated the New Zealanders by a score of 24-17.

New Zealand played their best but luck was not on their side, and they received the Silver medal. Canada played well too and finished third and received the Bronze Medal. They won against Britain with a score of 33-10 score.

Australia started to climb the stairs by beating Columbia with a score of 53-0 on Saturday, after that they beat Fiji with a score of 36-0 on Saturday itself. They draw between them and USA (12-12) made the fans a bit uneasy. But they came back upon their feet with an outstanding victory of 24-0 against Spain. And then to enter the semifinals they beat Canada with a score of 17-5. After this the wonderful victory over New Zealand got them the Gold Medal.

The Australian supporters were lost in joy and happiness with this victory. Now every player in that team can go home with their head held high and with a bling on them.