After Qualifying For Olympics, Dipa Karmakar Strikes Gold

Dipa Karmakar has strikes a gold medal in the final test of Rio games. She is the first Indian women to clinched gold medal in “Global Gymnastic” competition and also has been Qualify for Olympics. Ms Karmakar has scored 14.833 in her greatest effort to end and in the second try she scored 14.566 as much as she could effort. As Dipa Karmakar is a first woman to qualify for Olympics in 52 years and in April 2O16 she sheltered an Olympics land by her total score which was 52.698 points. And in the following women’s qualification, the “International Gymnastics Federation” comes here by with the confirmation list of every nation and there she has been scheduled as 79th that has been individually qualified for Olympics. No Indian women has ever strike gold before as she was the first women.dipa karmakar

After her tough performance in the final test she created a record by qualifying in the final events. She also has achieved bronze medal in the year 2O14 at “Commonwealth games” which was held in “Glasgow” and there itself she became the first female gymnast to do in the history. She has scores 15.1OO the highest point of all among the five women which have been successfully landed in the competition.

And at “Asian Gymnastic Championship” she achieved bronze medal and which she finished in the fifth at “World Artistic Gymnastics Championships” in the year 2O15. This was her first successful achievements and well-known as the victorious gymnastic from India.


Background History of Dipa Karmakar

Dipa Karmakar is from Agartala situated in Tripura which she start her practicing gymnastic since when she was 6 year old with the coach named “Veteran Bisbeshwar Nandi” for very long time. As 6 year old kid she had flat feet in the first entrance for her into gymnastic and it affects the bounce in her jump which was the hardest division for Dipa Karmakar. It is said that, her coach had work very hard for her as trying to fix her in difficulties part which was to get curled in her feet when she was very little kid. As Dipa Karmakar father was SAI coach and Dipa’s father wanted her to practice gymnastic.

As in the year 2OO7, Dipa Karmakar has won “Junior National” which was held in “Jalpaiguri” which added her excitement in practicing gymnastic. Taking from 2OO7, she achieved total 77 medals as well as taking 67 gold medals. She won all the medals by performing all together in “State, National and International” championships and in the year 2O1O “Indian Gymnastic Contingent”, as she took part in “Commonwealth Games” which was held in Delhi.

Higher Career of Dipa Karmakar

Starting from 2O11, in the month of February Dipa Karmakar has won five gold medals all together in the “National Games of India”. And in the year 2O14 “Commonwealth Games” she won bronze medals in the final, in here Dipa have scored 14.366 points and made her the first women of Indian to win after “Ashish Kumar” the first Indian male who has won Gymnastic medals.

Dipa Karmakar won bronze medal in 2O15 July to August “Artistic Gymnastic Asian Championships” which was held in Japan “City of Hiroshima” and in October, she has become one of the first to qualify her place for the final phase as from India just by scoring 14.9OO points in the fifth place. And in the final stage, she was in the 5th rank and her scored was 14.683.


Since, 11 male gymnastic from India took part before in the Olympics in the year 1952, 1956 and 1964. But she is the only women and will be the first one from India which have been qualified and will take part in Olympics.